The Unrealistic Side of Hardcore Porn

The porn industry is experiencing growth unlike any other sector. More than one third of all people online spend time viewing porn material. Top adult sites generally get millions of visitors on a daily basis. The statistics pertaining to porn viewing are staggering to say the least. One of the things which makes pornography so popular is how wide and vast its range is. There are countless of categories people can choose from. Those range in the high fifties to sometimes more. If that wasn't enough, you also have the sub-genres within these categories.

For instance, the lesbian category - which is one of the most popular - allows you to browse through hundreds of sub genres. All you need to do is add another phrase to the word lesbian and the possibilities are vast. The same applies to other well-known or top searched genres. MILF is a prime example as it can lead to other related porn videos such as hot moms, horny mature women and many others. If these weren't reasons enough to make pornography so attractive, you also have the soft and hardcore choice.

Some people like to see regular porn or soft core. These porn videos don’t show too much or are not as wild as their counterparts. However, you have many people out there who want nothing less than hardcore porno. For them, being able to see women getting fucked hard is the only option. Hardcore porn videos are extremely popular since they let you see it all. One prime example are anal hardcore porn films. In these movies, you actually get to see women screaming as they take huge cocks up their tight assholes. Some of them scream in ecstasy as they are penetrated from behind.

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There are many hardcore porn videos that show girls being fucked in the ass and actually hurting. These are as real as they can be when it comes to anal sex. After all, not all women enjoy anal sex; especially not at first. It helps explain why you see so many homemade porn videos featuring a girl’s first anal experience.

Part of the problem hardcore porn videos present to those who view it, is the unrealistic expectations. In many of the porn movies, you get to see men doing things which are almost impossible for regular humans. And in truth, that’s because they are. Professionally made hardcore porn films are never what they really seem. While the viewer may get to see a guy fuck and bang women for hours, that is not actually the case. Often, dick doubles or someone else is put in to take the actor’s place. That means that guy you are seeing fucking the hot girl non-stop is not really him.

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Another aspect in the hardcore porn videos which are unrealistic are the women. Most of the girls in these films take cock like it’s not a problem. No matter the penis size, they appear to enjoy it. Tons of the hardcore porn movies show women being treated rough as well. Men will throw them down and begin to fuck them right away. In real life however, that is not how it really happens. Everyone knows – or should know – that women have to be aroused first. They need to be stimulated and played with before you penetrate them. Not doing so can result in them and their pussies being hurt. If that wasn’t bad enough, most women who are not aroused beforehand tend to not reach an orgasm.

In retrospect, hardcore porn videos can lead to the viewer being too hard on themselves. Seeing the men in the movies performing acts which are almost impossible, will cause someone to expect too much of themselves. Worse yet, a woman watching will wonder why her partner doesn’t last as long or does things that they see in the porno movies. You also have the problem of people treating those they have sex with, the same way they see others in the videos. But this can be a real concern since most women will do never do even half of the sex acts seen in hardcore porn movies.

A perfect example are the gagging videos or others which are too rough. It’s part of the reason so many sex experts believe watching too much hardcore porn can be bad for you. In their opinion, they say this type of porn can desensitize a person. Some to the point where actual sex becomes too boring.

One really has to be careful not to fall into that trap when enjoying pornography. They need to keep in mind that these are paid actors who are only acting out for the viewer. In real life, soft-core porn is closer to what actually takes place.

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