Signs It’s Time To Move Your Date Into The Bedroom

Signs It's Time To Move Your Date Into The Bedroom

So, finally you’ve already found the best date you’ve been praying your whole life. You can feel that intense sexual chemistry. What now? Would you dare to proceed to the next hot, steamy stage? Do you think she’s into it as well?

What are the signs that it is time for you to move your date into the bedroom?

  1. When he/she wants to spend time with you (alone).

Normally, we call ‘reinforcement’ friends to make the atmosphere livelier. But once your partner wants to spend more time with you, without friends, it denotes that he/she is really interested to know more about you sexually. Be on the lookout for hints like touching uncommon areas of contact such as thighs, ears, torso or feet.

  1. When you’re comfortable talking to your partner.

Communication is an important aspect of healthy relationships, particularly in sex. It makes a huge difference if you can talk with him/her about your sexual boundaries, consent, and desires without any hesitation. You have to open up any uncomfortable moments and happy times as well.

  1. When she is giving you her consent.

Women hate to date rough, pushy or eager men. It is crucial to take it slowly, let her be at ease with you first before taking your relationship into a more intimate level. You’ll know she’s ready for it when she is giving her consent. Your responsibility here is to build an on-going conversation about relationship and intimacy. Don’t pressure her. Keep in mind that you must end in a mutual sexual experience where you can both enjoy together.

  1. When she keeps on mentioning about making love.

She won’t mention doing the deed on her own accord unless she wants you. If she mentions casually while you’re talking, she may be implying that she’s ready to between the sheets with you anytime.

  1. When she wears a daring outfit during your date.

Without a doubt, women have the freedom to wear anything they want—even provocative outfits. There’s nothing wrong at all if they wear topless if it is her style. However, it does not necessarily mean that she is willing to have sex with you.

But when she typically dresses prim and proper type of outfits and suddenly wears a small dress with a revealing neckline, most likely she’s starting to think about making love with you.

Yes, your partner may seem prepared to do the deed, but you shouldn’t assume that it is already a done deal. Keep your sexual senses alert and ask once the timing is right. As soon as you know that your lover is ready for it, asking her won’t seem like a difficult thing to do. 

Nevertheless, don’t just focus on your desire to take your date into bed. Instead, take your time knowing them better. After all, it is the purpose of dating. As much as possible, establish a deep connection so you can trust one another, making you happier inside the bedroom.


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