6 Rules For A Happy Long-Lasting Marriage

6 Rules For A Happy Long-Lasting Marriage

Marriage is a huge step for anyone. Knowing the rules for a happy marriage can make a big difference as couples continue to the next chapter of their relationships.

These five rules we’re going to share in this article may not apply to every single marriage around the world because different cultures have different perceptions of what is marriage and why it’s important. Everybody has different situations. But maybe you can learn from these tips that most happy couples do and see if you can apply it to your life.

Rule #1 – Think of marriage as a career and not just an achievement.

The reason why we can compare it to a career is because people will be really focused; they are planning to climb a ladder, they’re going to get a raise and they work at it in order to get there. But with marriage and also with long term relationships, it just seems like once you’re past a certain comfort point, people think that they have to stop trying. It’s important that couples should continue making a conscious effort everyday to try and make the other person happy. Your duty in your career as a spouse is to make your significant other comfortable and happy as possible.

Rule #2 – Make Each Day Special

Another idea that is really important for marriage is making each day and each moment like your big day or your wedding day. So it’s not just like it’s your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You may spend all this effort into making these days great for their partner and then be a prick for the rest of the year. But happy and satisfied couples make sure that every day is a special day. Make your spouse feel loved and cared for every single day that you are together. When you’re having a bad day, or when you’re exhausted from doing something you don’t want to do or you and your lover had equally annoying things that happened, try to make an effort to try and do something to comfort each other. Sometimes, you have to push yourself for your other half.

Rule #3 – Go On Dates

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. Date nights provide a chance for de-stressing, communication, keeping the spark alive and creating new memories together. If you had more fun when you were dating, you’re doing it wrong.

Rule #4 – Learn How And When To Communicate

A lot of communication isn’t just how you talk to each other. Sometimes it’s about knowing when the other person needs space. Sometimes, you just need to spend time with each other, don’t try hard to fix the issues, just be there.

Rule #5 – Learn To Say You’re Sorry

Saying sorry is hard sometimes but there’s no better feeling after you’ve said it. There’s no quicker to peace for a household other than saying sorry and of course, forgiveness.

Rule #6 – Encourage Each Other

Guys you need to be your wife’s biggest fan and girls, you need to be your husband’s biggest fan. If you see your spouse working on a project or doing an activity and you can tell that they’re really excited about it, you need to be your best to encourage them.

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