5 Reasons Why Drunk Sex Is The Best

Reasons 5.Why Drunk Sex Is The Best

Alcohol is a form of a substance that will surely have an effect on our body system. Some people have their different ways on how to release the effect of an alcohol. Hence, getting drunk is not the best idea in the world due to the psychological changes that occur in the system. Sometimes, emotional and mental capacity changes as the long way run to go between sheets. Drunk sex is actually not a bad idea. There are reasons behind this that say it is better.

  • Get rid the anxiety between sheets.

Alcohol helps you to get rid of the anxiety of having sex. If you are a first timer, then you probably feel the ignition within yourself of having a sex with your partner. You can show off what you’ve got not being timid and shy. The performance around sheets will strongly give away your partner an outburst feeling that you are such a good ass in bed. Without fear and judgment, you can tag along and bring out the sexy hype beast in you.

  • Foreplay is not a problem.

If you’re in ripping up the sensation with your partner, having foreplay is not a big problem. You just feel like you’re doing it spontaneously. Likewise, you’re giving your best angle and position in dealing with foreplay. Being drunk while having sex makes both of you horny which is actually good because you can add up hooray and boom factor while giving your partner best pleasure. You are hard and she’s totally wet.

  • Discovering new sex positions.

Intensely, this situation will help you discover or even try a one of a kind sex position. Your adrenalin rush gives you an impact of how creative you will become when it comes to sex. Dealing with your partner which actually giving best as well in doing sex can also help you in discovering new actions in between sheets. Drunk sex is indeed the ideal time to attempt some crazy sex styles.

  • The cinematic scene is not a problem (lights off or lights on).

This scene will not be a problem. If you are drunk, you don’t have a time of minding the scene where you having sex at. If it is light on or what it doesn’t matter, what important is the body itself. You can lay it and hold it whatever the circumstances are in. You can do anything just to give pleasure to your partner.

  • It is Timeless.

Whatever your sexy acts are, you don’t mind the time because you really owning it. No one will notice how long foreplay lasts because you’re giving too much satisfaction and pleasure as well as how long you’re able to maintain an erection a midst of sexual acts. You own the time and all you have to do is to make the most out of it.

However, at some point, there are regrets of having a drunk sex. Some might feel ashamed of it after the next day you woke up. Indeed, drunk sex just takes the experience to a whole new level.

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